A story about a lone wolf.,

a lone wolf who runs through the snow without anyone besides him.,

through the despair....

across the loneliness.... he is alone., all alone by himself..

family? friends?

he's got a lot.,

but nothing could change the fact that he is alone...


Once upon a time, he thought that he found the wolf princess,

he thought that she was the one.,

the one in whom he would give away his life for.,

the one who would accompany his long journey.,


But she's not.,

she was just a young, beautiful lady wolf who passes by his life.,

accompany his long journey for a short while.,

giving him the warmth he needs the most.,

for a short while.,

she couldn't stay forever.,

her life was way too different from the lone wolf.,

way too precious to be wasted alongside the lone wolf.,

the she walked away.,

away from the path she had ever chosen.,

she had to seek happiness, one simple thing the lone wolf couldn't give to her.,


Now he's walking..

can't even run anymore.,

the storm that blasted away all his hope.,

took away his bravery.,



all the beautiful moments he recalled, feed his sadness.,


Howling through the darkness., looking for resolution of his life.,

but he's just a lone wolf.,

who will always walk through his path of loneliness.,

nothing to be blame.,

he is alone.,

that's it.,